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Aspire Glass Solutions

Aspire Glass Solutions is a Gold Coast owned and operated family business specialising in providing a wide range of glass, window and door installation, repair and replacement services for both residential and commercial projects. Our services include:

  • Window replacement and repairs
  • Glass door replacement and repairs
  • Security Screen replacement and installation
  • Aluminium Extrusion installations
  • Shower Screen replacement and repairs
  • Balustrading replacement and repairs
  • Bi-Fold & Sliding Door replacement and installation
  • Retractable Fly Screen installations

We are committed to providing unparalleled levels of customer service which sets us apart from our competitors. Our vision is to transform the service standards for our clients across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW districts. We are committed to providing competitive glass, window and door pricing and achieving this by leveraging our deep local Gold Coast and Brisbane glass and door industry knowledge and our long term relationships.

We utilise quality products sourced locally in compliance with Australian and Industry Standards. Taking care of Door, Window and Glass Repair Robina, Broadbeach, Ashmore, Burleigh, Southport, Nerang, Varsity Lakes, Merrimac Mermaid Waters, Miami and Gold Coast wide.


Aspire Glass Solutions was founded by duo Jon and Jamie Ford. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Jon and Jamie are highly skilled in providing glazing and construction for customers. The pair has a strong track record for producing exceptional results for customers, though what is most outstanding is their professional and can-do attitude, resulting in a finishing of the highest quality and calibre.


Aspire Glass Solutions are skilled at residential and commercial glass and window replacement in Gold Coast and Brisbane area. Aspire Glass Solutions will help you with your installation and replacement needs, easily, quickly and efficiently. Call us at 0413 476 664 if you need any of the following services:

  • Window repair and replacement
  • Glass replacement and repair
  • Window repairs and replacement
  • Glass shelving
  • Glass walls
  • Glass shower screens
  • Glass splash backs
  • Glass doors
  • Frameless and framed glass shower screens


Central to the way they operate is their commitment and passion for serving their customers, now in Brisbane, Queensland and beyond. You wouldn’t find many in the glass installation and construction industry like them, who want to understand who you are and satisfy your needs as much as possible. This dedication is why the team at Aspire Glass Solutions is handpicked by the pair, and each team member has attained the proper certification and licenses to get the work done. Aspire Glass Solutions understands that customers want to know they can trust you. With Aspire Glass Solutions, we seek to build a relationship with you, rather than do a simple job for you and never meet again. Nope, at Aspire Glass Solutions, we are constantly seeking to fulfil your needs, whether you need them now or not. That’s why our coverage of services offered are ever expanding to suit your needs.

Further, Aspire Glass Solutions offers solutions at an affordable range. You won’t find anyone else who can provide services at prices this cheap in Brisbane, Queensland and beyond. For a job that brings you essential services, you can’t find anyone more honest than us. You shouldn’t be lied to. Aspire Glass Solutions is here to help you with your glass installation needs and services.


The erratic weather in the tropical climate of Queensland makes your glass installations vulnerable to crashing and breaking, causing a hazard to your loved ones who share your living space. Aspire Glass Solutions help you wish this. Broken windows/glass doors are very dangerous to your loved ones and you, especially if they are vulnerable, such as kids or the elderly. And contrary to popular misconception and unlike others, it won’t take a full working day to get it done. We would be pretty unsuccessful in that case. Just pick up the phone and give Aspire Glass Solutions a call for any services you will need, we definitely won’t turn you away. We’ll help you with any glass installations you’ll need in your home. Come home to a clean and safe home, with Aspire Glass Solutions.

  • Glass and Door Replacement Robina
  • Window Repair Nerang
  • Window Repair Varsity Lakes
  • Commercial Glass Replacement Mermaid Waters
  • Glass Repair and Replacement Miami Gold Coast
  • Commercial Glass Replacement Burleigh Gold Coast


Aspire Glass Solutions also works to help you with any installations you need in the event you’ve built your own home. Windows and full-length walls are used in some cases as it helps to demarcate the boundaries of the house, yet allows light to come in. How dull would your house look without windows and glass features? Natural light during daytime helps to make your home less dull. Fresh air and sunshine also perks your mood up and gives you your regular dose of vitamin D. Whatever your design needs are, Aspire Glass Solutions can help you with them. All you’ll need is to pick up the phone and call us, as our team of skilled professionals are waiting for your call so we can help you with your needs. Just give us a call, and our talented consultants will listen to you patiently and provide realistic and honest solutions to your dilemma.  An experience with Aspire Glass Solutions is one without fret, worries and anxiety. Glass installations are easy and should not have much hassle. Which is why Aspire Glass Solutions is the one for you.

Glass Repair and Replacement on the Gold Coast and Brisbane

As part of our dedication to understand your needs, the team at Aspire Glass Solutions is committed to providing you with affordable and resilient solutions rather than the most expensive one. This is why each and everyone of our team members will make sure they have the appropriate certifications and licenses to perform every service we provide and are equipped with the most updated tools on the market so they can get the job done efficiently and productively. You won’t find someone more invested in your needs than Aspire Glass Solutions in Brisbane, Queensland and even beyond.


Interior designing has come a long way in today’s world. We understand if you have complex needs you want to get done, especially glass feature walls or elaborate display cases. Aspire Glass Solutions can get that done, as concerned and professional consultants committed to helping you with your needs. Not many do that, of course. But we will. We understand that you want a comfortable home, aesthetically pleasing and the like, and we want to help you achieve that. To top it off, it won’t be an issue. While others make you stop your life for 2 working days, disrupting your busy schedule, the team at Aspire Glass Solutions won’t do that. We will definitely perform the job efficiently and productively.

Call us on 0413 476 664

Apartments are built increasingly smaller as they get built and your interior designing needs will become more complex. Glass will always be in. Fret not, that’s what Aspire Glass Solutions is here for. We can help you accomplish your interior designing needs with glass. Whether they are glass displays or walls or windows, Aspire Glass Solutions will definitely get that done for you. We perform work of the highest standards and quality.


As veterans in the industry, Aspire Glass Solutions is familiar with all the issues you will face handling glass. We will always advise the best things for you on how to treat your glass display case or window, as well as how best to maintain it. Which is why you should always wipe your glass products regularly and have us come down for regular inspections at least twice a year so that we can advise you on anything you need. This is how committed we are to our standard of qualities to you. So long as you pick up the phone and call us, we will schedule an appointment with you and come down to advise you on what you need.


Glass installations are quite essential when you need it. While it invites light into your home, it also helps to prevent the dirt from entering your house from the garden. Glass installations are also a way to allow the natural light into the house yet prevent wind and dirt from messing up your living area. An open window will even invite pests such as birds to come in and mess your house up. In our experiences, we’ve seen people who want floor to ceiling glass sliding doors, windows, or exotic glass features as a way to make your windows look aesthetically pleasing. We’ve done them all, no matter how challenging they might have seemed. No matter what, we deliver with pure professionalism and expertise. No one has said anything less.


As veterans in the industry, the team at Aspire Glass Solutions has the connections and experience in sourcing the material efficiently and getting it to you, which is why our prices are primarily so competitive. That makes us the best in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Queensland and beyond for commercial and residential glass installations and replacements. Our prices are efficient, affordable and can’t be beat elsewhere.


Don’t spend a day watching over the repairman and making sure he does it properly when Aspire Glass Solutions can do it efficiently and within a day. Just call us and let us know when is most convenient for you. It will be done in a jiffy and we will get it done, alongside being affordable, and you can get back to your normal life in no time. Our work is complete, perfect on the first try, and you won’t have any trouble getting back to your schedule. Don’t let a simple glass installation and replacement affect your plans for the day.

Contact Aspire Glass today. The Gold Coast Glass and Door Replacement and Repair experts

Aspire Glass Solutions is contactable on the phone, via an online form, or through email. Just fill in the online form, and our professional team of talents will be with you in minutes, whether it is an installation or replacement of your glass window or door. Keep your home safe, secure and clean. Call us before the glass breaks. For the best and most affordable glass solutions in Brisbane, Queensland and beyond, call us today.